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K-trading - Business services, aerial and satellite equipment.


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Welcome to the 125 Session of China Import and Export Fair
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Asia´s biggest Electronics fair , April 13.-16 .2019
Hong Kong Electronic fair, April 13.-16.

Welcome to One of the World´s Best Show on Electron-Taipei-October 16.-18.2019
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K-Trading Ltd. - Aerial and satellite equipment

K-Trading Ltd. - Satellite and Aerial Equipment was founded in 1992. Since it began its operations, the company has been known, both in the Czech republic and abroad, for its expertise in the field of satellite and aerial equipment.

Many years of experience and the professional approach of all the company's employees guarantee satisfaction for its large "family" of foreign and Czech clients.

We work together with many renowned companies who are active in the field of satellite and aerial equipment and, in several cases, we are their exclusive importers to the Czech Republic. We have a large selection of analogue and digital receivers (HUMAX, FERGUSON, OPENBOX, STRONG, KAON among others, parabolic aerials, converters, switches, holders, actuators, connectors, cables, consoles as well as a great deal of other accessories for satellite and aerial equipment.

We prefer to deal with all our business partners on an individual basis. We strive to bring their requirements and our company's capabilities together in such a way that it ensures the development of commercial co-operation whitch satisfies both parties. We are convinced that this is borne out by the results of ten years of co-operation.

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